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About us

IT asset tracking, Sims Lifecycle Services offers value adding IT lifecycle services

Leading IT Lifecycle Services provider in The Netherlands

Managing the safe disposal of redundant IT equipment can be time-consuming and complicated. Organisations must comply with data security legislation, demonstrate environmental responsibility and manage complex logistics across dispersed sites. At the same time they must minimise disruption to the business, control costs and increase the return on IT investment.
Sims Lifecycle Services helps organisations in The Netherlands and Europe to do all of this – and more.

Who we are

Sims Lifecycle Services is a division of Sims Recycling Solutions who offers IT Asset Management Services which span the entire lifecycle of your IT and communications equipment. 

A global leader in the secure and sustainable management of resources, we have over 25 years’ experience of handling small to large complex IT asset recovery projects.

Our services cover the complete end-to-end process from IT deployment, IT refurbishment for reuse or resale, to IT dismantling and IT and computer recycling. 

Whether you require a partner for a small IT recycling service in Amsterdam or a large complex IT asset recovery project across Europe or across the globe, rest assured that you will receive a bespoke, cost effective, convenient and comprehensive service.

What we do

At a time when IT budgets are under pressure, Sims Lifecycle Services can help you maximise the value that you can gain from your IT and communications equipment.

Our core services are:

  • IT lifecycle services – providing a bespoke solutions for the entire life of your IT and communications equipment.
  • IT Recondition and upgrade – we can revive old IT and communications equipment to be reused in your business or sold.
  • IT deployment and decommissioning – deployment, de-installation, decommissioning of IT equipment and data centres.
  • IT re-use and remarketing – IT and computer refurbishment for reuse or resale in your organisation or externally.
  • IT Recycling – obsolete IT and computer recycling in accordance with WEEE legislation.
  • Returns Management - Warranty and customer returns services for OEMs, distributors, resellers and retailers
  • Secure data destruction – various government standard methods to suit your data security requirements.
  • Parts and component harvesting – for re-use, redistribution or resale.
  • Project and strategy support –providing guidance, support and adding value at every step of the way.
  • Logistics and storage facilities – our extensive logistics and storage facilities provides you with various solutions to help manage redundant IT and computer equipment.

By choosing Sims as your partner, you are choosing to work with a trusted Global company who will deliver you a cost effective, legally compliant, environmentally responsible solution.

Our local and global reach

We are part of Sims Recycling Solutions, the world's largest electronics reuse and recycling company, which handles over 500,000 tonnes of electronics annually in over 50 locations worldwide.

We have two IT asset recovery sites in The Netherlands and further operations in Europe, Australasia, Africa and North America.  Therefore we can provide a local, national or a global service.

Get in touch

Email or call +31 23 888 0100 to find out more about Sims Lifecycle Services in The Netherlands.

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